Mondays 7-8pm ET, ZOOM

February 1- March 22, 2021


Cultivate a culture of conscious connectivity

Learn to wield digital media as a tool for presence and mindfulness

Craft a personal digital relationship agreement to support yourself as an ancestor of the future

Human bodies are primed for connection. To make conscious choices about how to use the internet and social media, we need to consciously understand our personal social needs. Social interaction and support is necessary for optimal wellness. Everyone has a differing degree of needs when it comes to socialization, but generally, everyone needs positive social experiences.

The important aspect of connection, is the sense of being “with” someone fully, not necessarily with them physically. Touch and proximity are important, but we cannot have a socially satisfying relationship based on touch and proximity without that sense of togetherness that comes from true connection. Physical affection increases bonding hormones like oxytocin which makes it easier to bond with each other, to feel a sense of connection and community. Interestingly, research shows that, more than touch specifically,  it is likely the trust and desire as indicated by touch that actually increases oxytocin levels and improves bonding.  We have come to understand that some touch expresses connection, but it is not touch that is the connection. That sense of connection comes from being seen, heard, accepted, and from presence. 

During this course, we will learn to wield our digital relationship as a tool for mindfulness and presence. Through personal assessment and observation, discussion, and support practices you will cultivate a personal healthful relationship agreement to guide your participation in digital culture. The future will include digital connections, and how we lay the groundwork for culture now will influence the digital culture of ourselves and generations to come.

After this course, you will have a new perspective on the benefits and barriers of digital connections. You will better understand the fatigue that often accompanies prolonged internet connection and discover embodiment practices to better translate the information your body, mind, and spirit receive through online connections.

This 8 week series will require an investment of time outside of meetings for the processing of information, completion of self-assessments, and the crafting of structures and personal agreements. Each participant should expect to spend roughly 5 hrs a week on coursework. 

Coursework includes:

Weekly discussions

Research, readings, videos and self-assessments 

Cultivating structures to support conscious engagement, build intimacy

Development of a Personalize Digital Relationship Agreement

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