“Our natural state is that of feeling our breath flowing in and out, deeply and fully. And yet, we are in a time where people are struggling to literally and figuratively find a way to breathe. Dominant culture asks us to disconnect from our humanity, our bodies, and our wholeness while buying into a narrative stating that some of us are meant to be free while others are meant to suffer.” -Michelle C. Johnson, Skill in Action

Join Michelle Cassandra Johnson, social justice warrior, author, and healer for this 2 part transformational workshop focused on dismantling racism and white supremacy.

Full day Online Workshop

Saturday, April 17, 2021

9am-12pm ET & 1pm-3pm ET

This workshop is designed to foster recognition of patterns of oppression, power, and privilege and explore how to respond to the current cultural challenges through practices of self-study, contemplation and collective action. We will deepen our understanding of identity, culture, institutional and cultural racism, and internalizations through discussion and embodiment practices, strengthening our connection to self, our bodies, Nature, and our communities.

Learn more about Michelle C. Johnson and watch her Tedx Talk.