All of us, no matter what we hope happens in the next few months, are going to experience a great deal of concern and stress. Regulating our nervous system while still feeling and processing what is happening will help foster peace within ourselves and our community. Forward thinking healthy behaviors help us to navigate stress and difficulties ahead. Mind and body preparation is key.

Sound has several meanings. It can mean what we hear, or a noise we make. Sound is also be a way of being, with clarity and supportive strength. Or a body of water, for anchorage and rest. Together, we will explore all these definition as we embody this theme of Sound-ness for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

This Program is Remote and meetings will be held through Zoom.

Meetings: Monday 7pm ET( December 7th 2020-through January 25th 2021)

Practices ( 30 mins) to support our nervous systems ( individual and collective) in remaining regulated so we can be resilient and approach our situation with clarity. Practice will be followed by discussion regarding nervous system response, physiological communication, stress, and our current social situation. We will develop a framework to understand how our senses transmit information to our nervous system and how our collective nervous system influences peace.

Meeting sessions will run about 60 mins. This design will allow grounded conversation during the discussion and also provide for anyone who needs to slip out early.

Accessibility to this program regardless of cost is very important to us, so there is no fee to join this practice. We do appreciate contributions as your investment in our programs enables our efforts, study, and offerings for the larger community. Please make donations as you are comfortable and able on the page following registration.

Space is limited.