Thursday, January 28th- March 4

7:30-8:30pm ET

No registration necessary

We welcome you to join us for the full 6-week program; or tune in anytime you like.

Please join the meetings with the community Zoom link below. 

Understanding our Body, Brain, Heart, and Breath Will Give Us an Extra Edge

Modern psychology regularly identifies many of the external skills and characteristics of resilience — such as finding purpose, building connection, regulating emotions, problem solving, and good sleep.  But sometimes we may not know where to begin. 

In this series we will focus on understanding and using the resources that are most intimate to what we are: turning to our bodies, brains, hearts, and breath for present-moment wellness.

1. January 28:  Understanding our autonomic nervous systems and the stress response.

2. February 4:  The great harmonizer –making our home in the breath.

3. February 11: Demystifying the brain, and building the brain we want. 

4. February 18:  The heart sets the tone, and we tune the heart.

5. February 25:  Authentic communication and the reciprocity field

6. March 4: The body and the energy of life.

Our program participants are our only source of funds to keep us working.  In this pandemic time, we will continue to offer to the community all that we can, unconditionally, in the faith that each of our participants will support these programs according to their capacity. 


 Thank you for your support.