Selections from Current Book and Books In Progress

  1. Moonlight Leaning Against an Old Rail Fence: Approaching the Dharma as Poetry
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    2. This book consists of poems and commentaries on the poems. Below are some selections of poems followed by their commentaries (from the original manuscript).
      1. Go to the Limit
      2. The Song that is Before
      3. You Think Your Future
      4. Ho!
      5. We Are Here to Transmit Virtue
      6. Prayer Flags in Winter
      7. Not the Next Moment
      8. The Congo Women
      9. Good News
      10. Just Sitting
  2. Excerpts from A Field Guide to Conscious Loving Presence
    1. Prospective Contents
    2. Introduction: Losing the Field
    3. Excerpt from Part Three
  3. Excerpts from Dancing with the Infinite: The Inner Light of Qi Gong
    1. Introduction
  4. Notes toward:

Other Writings

  1. Compassion, Integration, and Healing: An Introduction to the Therapeutic Applications of Tibetan Tonglen Practice
  2. Notes on Our True Heart and True Mind

(See also additional writing at the end of the True Heart/True Mind sidebar)

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