For nearly 40 years The Whole Health Center has pioneered in integrating spiritual, psychological and holistic health care services through private appointment and group classes and retreats. Our ongoing classes and workshop program continues to address a broad understanding of the health of the individual and society. We are also offering more programs in conjunction with other centers.

Personality to Presence: A Journey to Unconditional Kindness through Enneagram 

July 25, 9am-5pm EDT

This program is remote and will be held through Zoom. Space is limited; registration is required. 

Explore the remarkable dynamics of the Enneagram and how your inherited personality type operates when you are present, or when you are under stress. With understanding, the Enneagram opens up doorways to Compassion and Presence. In this day-long workshop, we will explore the best of your type and the unconscious patterns of your type (which are often driven by fear, shame, hurt, or rejection).

The Vault of Happiness Series: Thursdays, beginning May 20, 7pm ET

This program is remote and will be held through Zoom.

We’re all anxious to throw off the “year of COVID” and “get happy” again. But what is happiness? True happiness is almost as socially taboo a subject as sex and politics. The ego has its own shifting definitions, grasping a piece of it and then losing it again. Is there a deeper happiness that underlies the ego’s efforts to grasp after it? Are we searching for happiness, or are we actually pushing it away?

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