Join us for Personality to Presence: a Journey to Unconditional Kindness with the Enneagram, a workshop with special guest Michael Naylor, M. Ed., CPCC, LADC, CCS 

Welcome to The Whole Health Center – a small, relaxed, homey setting, valued by its many clients for forty years for providing a natural and nurturing approach to whole health and personal and spiritual growth. Our counseling and health care services, available by appointment, are truly holistic – integrating mind, body, emotions and spirit. Our groups, classes, retreats and workshops also offer a depth of integration and a wealth of practical tools to support the enlightened evolution of self and society.

Our program participants are our only source of funds to keep us working.  In this pandemic time, we will continue to offer to the community all that we can, unconditionally, in the faith that each of our participants will support these programs according to their capacity.  Thank you for your support.